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Vintage Mason Ball Jar Rustic Soap or Lotion Dispenser Pump - Heritage Green

$ 8.24 $ 10.99

Handmade Heritage Green Mason Ball Pint Jar Dispenser.

These old fashioned style dispensers add rustic charm to any space. Each one is handmade here in the Midwest. Easily refillable, you can use them again and again with your favorite soaps, lotions or hand sanitizers. They work great in the kitchen or bathroom, or for keeping in your camper, cabin, etc. These also make unique gifts for friends or loved ones.

These soap dispensers hold 16oz. of liquid and measure approx. 7" x 3". The dispenser is made of heavy, durable black plastic.

Make sure to fill the jar to leave at least a 1" air space at the top. Please wipe off any water, lotion or soap that gets on the lid after each use. It needs to be kept dry.

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