Relaxing Whipped Body Butter

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♥Our natural whipped body butter lotion is enriched with hydrating oils, shea butter,  and nourishing goat's milk with no added colors or dyes. This non greasy formula has a light weight, mousse like consistency that absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving it soft and supple. 

Relaxing - a soft, relaxing blend of mandarin, lavender and chamomile, neroli and lily of the valley with bottom notes of hay and musk.  

♥Our Body Butters Are:



*Note: Whipped body butter is heat sensitive. During hot times of the year, we include ice packs to help prevent melting during shipping. We also recommend that you choose priority mail shipping and bring it inside immediately upon delivery. Do not allow your package to sit in the sun or your body butter may melt. Melting does not effect the quality of the body butter. Our body butter is whipped up to a thick, creamy consistency (much like whipped cream). Too much heat can cause the tiny air bubbles in the body butter to pop, causing the body butter to deflate and lose it's fluffy texture. This can cause them to appear only half full, even though we filled the jars to the top. If this happens, we recommend that you place it in the refrigerator before you open it, then use as you normally would. At times, the shipping process can also cause the body butter to settle. The amount of body butter in the jars is still the same as stated on the jar.

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