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Lollipop Pumice Stone

$ 5.99

Gently remove the hard callused skin from your feet with this fun, natural lollipop pumice stone.  Enjoy the freedom of wearing your favorite flip flops or sandals without the embarrassment of rough, cracked heals.

How do I use it?  After a shower, buff calluses gently with the pumice stone.  You may also wash hands or feet for about 3 minutes before exfoliating.  Apply lotion after buffing, for smooth soft skin.

  • Approximate Size:  2.75"x 1"x 8"
  • Material: Natural pumice, PS resin 
  • Package Includes:  1 Lollipop Pumice Stone
  • Available in Pink, Purple, or Teal Green

*These also make great additions to gift baskets!


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