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Foaming Soap Dispenser for Mason Jars

$ 6.99

Antique Pewter & White
Weathered Bronze & White
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Now you can convert any pint size or smaller Mason jar into a handy foaming soap dispenser.  Add rustic charm to your kitchen or bath with our foaming dispensers.  Dispenser is made of heavy, durable  plastic while the one piece lid is made of metal. 

Available colors:

  • Weathered Bronze & White
  • Antique Pewter & White

Fits standard sized jar lids (will not fit wide mouth jars).  Tubes are 4" long and will reach to the bottom of a pint size (16 oz.) or smaller mason jar.  

How do I use it?  Fill your jar with 60% water, 20% soap and stir.  Leave 20% of the jar empty to allow air for the foaming pump to work correctly.

Fully assembled.

Tip:  Our lids are coated on the top to aid in the prevention of rust.  However, the coating is drilled through during the manufacturing process to attach the pumps.  There is a slight possibility of rust around these holes, though it shouldn't be visible on top due to the pump covering the hole.  If you are worried about rust becoming an issue, you can add a touch of bathtub caulk around the hole before you use them.  Wiping off any water or soap that gets on the lid after each use can also deter any rust from occurring.

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