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Natural Skeeter Beater Insect Repellent Spray - Deet Free

$ 6.00

10 Available

Beat the bugs this summer and enjoy the outdoors with our Natural Skeeter Beater Insect Repellent Spray. Perfect to use while camping, hiking, gardening, or any other outdoor activity. Also great for children and pets. Moms feel better knowing that they are using an all natural, chemical free bug repellent on their kids.

Our Skeeter Beater bug repellent is made using a special blend of oils that repel bugs. No more itching and scratching from irritating bug bites or putting harmful deet on your skin.  Our blend also smells good, working to repel bugs, not the people around you.  As with all of our handcrafted products, we use only the purest ingredients, they do not contain any preservatives, bleaches, or fillers.

Comes in a reusable brushed aluminum spritzer bottle.

External use only. Do not spray near eyes as some irritation may occur.

*Skeeter Beater is a copy written trademark of Hickory Ridge Soaps



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