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Our Story

Our Story
How Hickory Ridge Soaps, a small family owned business became the company that provides a natural, chemical free alternative for getting clean.  
In early 2010, we were coming to realize that almost everything we bought for our family was laden with chemicals and other products that may have long term effects later in life.  My husband and I wanted a healthier option for ourselves and our children.  In the beginning we began switching over to handmade cleaners and laundry soap.  Then one day it occured to us that we could possibly make our own soap as well, after all our grandmother's used to make lye soap, right?  
That was the beginning of our addiction because after our first loaf we were hooked.  Friends and family began requesting our soaps and we soon realized that they made excellent gifts.  In today's world of mass produced items from China it's hard to find unique one of a kind gifts of high quality, especially handcrafted items.  
And So It Begins...
Due to the demand for our soaps, we decided to start our own company, so in 2013 Hickory Ridge Soaps was born.  It continues to be an exciting and rewarding journey for us and our growth continues to surprise us.  It's wonderful to find other people who know the importance of using soap that is made of natural, nature made ingredients instead of all the detergents and chemicals found in those at the store.  It's also wonderful to raise awareness to those who are not aware of the dangers that chemicals placed on your body can cause.
Soap Loaves
Whole loaves getting ready to ship.
Our Own Special Formula
After much experimentation, we came up with the formula we use today for our soaps.  This special blend of oils and milk provides a luscious soap with creamy bubbles and lots of lather that cleans without drying out your skin.  All this using natural, nature made ingredients.  Once we made our first soap using milk, we realized how much more conditioning it was and that it made a much better bar of soap.  So now all of our soaps are made with either coconut milk (wonderful soaps that vegans can use), goat milk, or buttermilk.
We hope you enjoy our soap and other bath products as much as we do.  Soap is our passion, we pour all of our time and love into making high quality products that we are proud of and we love sharing them with our customers.
Fresh Cut Soaps
Fresh cut soaps on the cutting table.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.  Just send us an email and we will get back with you within 24 business hours.

Hickory Ridge Soap Co.
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