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Custom Soap

Now you can customize your own handmade soap. 

Choose your personal options on the forms below such as base, color(s), additives, and scent.
You will receive 5 customized soap loaves (per scent).  These can be cut into your choice of 55 full size bars or 110 guest bars.
Prices are estimates and may be more or less depending on several factors.  Base price is $158.99 and goes up depending on what options you choose.  Shipping is free.  Once your request is received, you will be notified of the total cost of your custom soap.  Upon your approval, an invoice will be sent and we will begin making your handmade soap once payment is made.  Retailers:  Your wholesale discount will apply.


Please note that any fragrance or essential oil with over 1% of vanilla content will turn soap brown.  Keep this in mind when choosing your colors.  In this case you can choose to either have no color (since the soap will turn brown anyway) or choose single color swirl and we can swirl another color in with the brown.
You are welcome to send us your own custom essential oil blend, essential oil, or fragrance oil.  We can only use fragrance oil approved for cosmetic use. 


We can do simple swirls, however final look will be determined by how well the fragrance behaves (some scents make the soap set up faster, floral scents are an example).  We can also do 2 color layers (i.e. blue on bottom/white on top).  If you would like layered instead of swirled, include a note on the form below. 
Don't forget to fill out BOTH forms unless you don't want any Scent or Color.